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Counseling Service

Counseling Service

Mental health is a matter of primary importance at Antonine University (UA). This is why the Counseling Service makes every effort to contribute to your growth and development. Our dearest desire is, in fact, to see you make the most of your academic path and progress surrounded by a healthy campus community.

Through this service offered for UA students and staff members, we provide you with effective tools to support you through any difficult and challenging times you may experience. You will probably have to face many transitions in your life and experience difficult situations that require making a reasonable decision; hence this service is ready to welcome you whenever you need help to maximize your potential.

The Counseling Service provides you with a safe environment, allowing you to express yourself through one-to-one confidential sessions, thus better understand the situation you are facing. Additionally, the Counseling Service organizes discussion groups, workshops, and awareness campaigns for you to learn more about the various life difficulties such as a breakup, depression, grief, etc. We will help you develop your skills to better face challenging situations.

Together towards optimal functioning!