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Let us Build a Better Tomorrow!

Investing in altruistic acts has been unanimously recognized as an extremely gratifying initiative, a noble humanitarian deed, and a grace given to us to improve countless lives, break the habit of selfishness, awaken to our true mission, reinforce our core values, find meaning in life, and fulfill our moral obligation. In our quest to thrive, compassion remains the cornerstone of inner success and has a transformative impact on the outer world. At Antonine University (UA), we believe in the power of philanthropy and the commitment of changemakers to shape a better world.

Why Donate?

Your contribution to UA will change the trajectory of students’ lives, support scholarships, ensure the University’s sustainability, improve the retention in its community, support life-changing research projects, create an optimal and multifaceted learning environment and allow an increased interdisciplinary collaboration. By instilling the much-needed motivation, we empower faculty members, staff, and students to achieve their challenging goals and aspirations despite all obstacles.

Every Contribution Matters

There are various ways how your donation can help us go beyond boundaries and expand the realm of possibilities.

Contribute to Education

Aspiring and ambitious young students who are the hope and future of our nation and have the ability to become esteemed professionals are looking to people like you to provide them with financial hardship support through the “Contribute to Education” initiative.

Reward for Academic Performance

Many UA students who have shown great talent and exceptional academic performance deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their outstanding achievements by granting them merit-based scholarships, starting with a “Reward for Academic Performance.”

Help a Club

UA is proud of its student-oriented clubs which keep them engaged and nurture their interpersonal skills. When you “Help a Club,” you ensure its continuing existence and enhance the quality of its activities and events.

Campus Development

UA is always expanding and upgrading its premises, not only to match the requirements of the market, but most importantly to offer the possibility to pursue multiple fields of study. Hence, by contributing to the “Campus Development,” you help UA carry on this project and attract students from diverse backgrounds.

Research Projects

As UA puts research at the forefront of its priorities, it provides avenues for the pursuit of excellence and focuses on many projects that need your support to get off the ground.

Support the Library

Donations to the Library can come in two forms:

  • Money contribution that will enable the purchase of library materials and the provision of services.
  • Material donations (books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.) that will enrich the Library’s collection.


Other Options

Any other option that you find suitable can be envisaged for the benefit of the community. Remember: No amount of money is too small to make a difference, and no act of kindness is ever wasted!


How to Contribute

You can make a donation by contacting our team by email at