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  • The Environmental Impact of Quarantine

    23 avril 2021
    The Environmental Impact of Quarantine

    The Office of Student Affairs at Antonine University (UA) is organizing, in collaboration with the UA Green Club, a webinar tackling the effects of the COVID-19 quarantine around the world.
    While the pandemic that unfolds across the globe is threatening lives and upending the world economy, it has also a positive impact on the environment, that is to say helping us, humans, acknowledge and deal with a major environmental disaster, climate change, and disappearance of biodiversity. The being said planet Earth is, as a matter of fact, benefitting from the COVID-19 crisis, but one can also mention other negative effects:

    • the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions across the world that has been noticed by scientists;
    • the number of viral social media posts that started to pop up about wildlife sightings in urban areas, claiming “nature just hit the reset button on us;" and on a negative note
    • the dramatic rise in medical waste and packaging from online shopping.

    This webinar will be the opportunity to look at the full environmental impact of the COVID-19 crisis to date and reflect on what lessons we can take from this tragedy to fight climate change in the future.

    Audience: UA Community
    Date: April 23, 2021
    Time: 2:30 – 3:15 PM
    Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

    Paul Abi Rached,
    President of Lebanon Eco Movement and Founder of T.E.R.R.E Liban Association

    Register now to join this session, or contact for more information.

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