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  • Webinar: Become a Successful Mediator

    24 octobre 2020
    Webinar: Become a Successful Mediator
    Meditation as a conflict management tool: what is it all about, what are the sources of conflict, and how to manage conflicts and solve them through mediation? 

    UA is inviting all its students to participate in the Mediation Initiation Online Webinar, allowing them to become more aware of all their preconceived ideas and social prejudices, better express their emotions, and incorporate non-violent communication.

    This webinar of two days will be held in English and hosted by Ms. Paule Chiha, trainer and mediator at the Professional Center for Mediation (CPM) of Saint-Joseph University (USJ). It will enable every participant to understand what is effective communication, develop listening skills, and increase willingness to be open to all opinions. 

    Audience: UA Students
    Date: Saturday, October 17 and Saturday, October 24, 2020.
    Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM
    Location: Virtual via Zoom

    What you will learn

    Project presentation
    Present the plan and the objective of the training

    Resolving the conflict: Mediation
    Introduce mediation as a conflict management tool
    Define the role of the mediator

    Sources of conflict: Perceptions

    Understand the importance of perception and point of view

    Sources of conflict: Prejudices
    Be aware of the preconceived ideas and the social prejudices

    Sources of conflict: Rumor and Selective Listening
    Be sure of the information sources and avoid distortion
    Become aware of the selectivity in our listening

    Conflict prevention: Expressing Emotions
    Understand its emotions
    Express its emotions

    Conflict prevention: Understand Its Needs
    Be aware of its needs

    Conflict prevention: Active Listening
    Be aware that listening should be qualitative
    Discover the importance of feedback

    Conflict prevention: Non-violent Communication
    Understand the non-violent communication and master its tools

    Participants in the two-day webinar will receive a certificate of attendance.

    Register now to book your place before Friday 16, at 3 PM, or contact +961 5 927 000 ext. 1052 for more information.
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