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Appels a candidatures pour postes academiques

Faculty of Sports Sciences - Researcher in Motricity Sciences

Researcher in Motricity Sciences | Associate or Full Professor


  • Code: FSS20-1-001

  • Faculty: Faculty of Sports Sciences

  • Campus: Baabda

  • Rank: Associate or full professor

  • Languages: French and English

  • Qualifications required in terms of diplomas and experience: The applicant must have:
    - a Ph.D. degree in Motricity sciences, or any related discipline;
    - a significant scientific record with international publications;
    - the capacities required to undertake high-level academic research: capacity to raise research fundings, to supervise projects, to animate and lead a research team;
    - a minimum of five years’ experience in higher education;
    - the capacity to work within a team of teachers and to integrate research findings into teaching.

  • Responsibilities: The applicant will:
    - be responsible for teaching courses at all study levels, as well as in programs of continuing education;
    - supervise the final diploma research of undergraduate and graduate students;
    - supervise and promote research programs;
    - contribute to the international visibility of the University through teaching and research excellence;
    - be available to ensure, in the long term, different service activities and responsibilities within the University and its entities;
    - contribute to activities of the University with a societal impact.

  • Estimated date of hiring: September 1, 2020.

  • Deadline for applications submission: November 29, 2019.
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